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About Wheeler's Automotive & Transmission Repair of Fayetteville, NC

Auto & Transmission Repair Services In Fayetteville, NC

All automatic transmissions are disassembled and the parts are given a preliminary visual inspection.

The unit is then hand washed in a cleaning solvent before being placed in a spray cabinet containing a soap and water solution which is heated to over 190 degrees F. The transmission then receives a second inspection and the case is checked for cracks and warpage. Any questionable parts are replaced at this stage of the rebuild. All updates and modifications are performed based on the type of transmission being worked on.

At this point, all replacement bushings and bearings are press fitted into the various components. Sealing rings, rubber seals and new gaskets are then installed. The type of friction materials that are appropriate for the application are selected and installed and the very critical clutch pack clearances are set to our specifications. The unit is then ready for its final assembly. All tolerances are checked and all fasteners are torqued to spec.

After the assembly process is complete, the unit is tested, quality control checked . Includes remanufactured torque converter from Precision of New Hampton.